Driftwood Dreaming Art Exhibition

The highlight of the Fiesta Milne Bay Art Escape Weekend is undoubtably the Driftwood Dreaming Art Exhibition. This year the exhibition is hosted by the 28Kreativ Contempary Art Association and curated by internationally renowned Papua New Guinean visual/performance artist, Jeffry Feeger. The Driftwood Dreaming exhibition brings together exciting, fresh works from Milne Bay and Port Moresby based artists, and will feature a memorial exhibition of some key works of the late Tony Wesley (Wesevo) whose last formal exhibition was at the 2019 Driftwood Dreaming Exhibition.

Meet the Artists

Jeffry Feeger

Exhibition Curator

President 28Kreativ Contemporary Art Association

Facebook Page: Jeffry Feeger Art

Jeffry Feeger

Born 1983, from Gulf and German parentage.

Jeffry completed grade 12 at the Port Moresby International School in 2001. He began work as a full-time artist in 2003, with a main focus on portraiture. He is currently residing in Alotau with his partner Fiona and family.

Jeffry has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout Papua New Guinea and also internationally, including Solomon Islands, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Phillipines, China, Germany, France, Andorra, UK and the USA.

Jeffry has painted mostly portraiture professionally over the span of 18 years, expressing various styles such as photo realism, surrealism and impressionism. He has also made a living as a live performance painter since 2010, performing on stage with various bands and theatre productions throughout PNG and the world.

During the past 2 years Jeffry has begun to paint 'plein Air' outdoors, including painting excursions into the several rivers systems surrounding his residence in Alotau. Through this work, he wishes to convey an awareness for this pristine surrounding natural environment.

Tamara Jenkinson

Born in 1986, from a mixed parentage of English, Duke of York and Chinese.

Tamara completed grade 12 at Kokopo Secondary High School in 2006. She is a self-taught artist, while having a full time job as an Executive Assistant with a Real Estate Company in Port Moresby.

Her debut as an artist was in 2018 as a member of the PNG Art Evolution at the Royal Papua Yacht Club in Port Moresby. Tamara has been in three exhibitions so far since her debut and she has a unique style to add to the PNG Contemporary Art Community. As Tamara is still relatively new to the art community, she is still finding her way in her artform however her preferred style is adding texture to her art form so you will mostly see elements of impasto in her works and a recent art form – quilling a paper art form.

Tamara Jenkinson

FACEBOOK PAGE: Art Studio of Tamara Jenkinson

Leonard Tebegetu

Facebook Page: The Kreativ Kanaka

Leonard Tebegetu

Leonard Tebegetu

Leonard Tebegetu is a painter, sculptor and bamboo artist, who incorporates into his works his culture and upbringing, his experience of life on a small island, and his work as a globally operating contemporary artist. In 2015, he was head designer for the 35-person workshop that constructed props for the Pacific Games opening ceremony. He is the founder of The Kreativ Kanaka, an artist initiative that reforms everyday scrap into works of civic art. His works have exhibited internationally in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and the United States.

Noah Kawatalu

Noah Waxie Kawatalu whose artist name is JENOSAM KAWATALU was born in 1993 in Milne Bay Province.

Completed grade 12 in 2013 at kwikila Secondary school.He began work as full-artist in 2018 with a main focus on abstract Art.Currently lives in Port Moresby

Been new to the art world only participated in exhibition around Port Moresby but in a short time his has circulated around the world

Art collectors around the world countries like the USA, Australia,Fiji and New Zealand

Noah as painted 3years now and concentrating mostly on Abstract art mostly on mother and child, women's beauty and issues nature pollution mostly the marine life.Doing few live painting at Craft markets face painting for charity and donated alot of his artworks to raise funds like the breast cancer awareness and food banks etc

For the past one year Noah as concerntrated on marine life,beauty of the marine,whales and turtles in specific.raising the issues on the endangered species and pollution..he wishes to see his work speck to the world on taking care of our marine life and it's beautiful habitant..

Hazel Laing

Hazel Laing

Hazel Laing is a young artist, relatively new to the scene. She is a painter with an undefined style. Her creative journey from 2014-present has mainly consisted of acrylic paintings. She has done face painting gigs at local craft markets, created hand-made journals and is now turning thrifted denim clothing into wearable art. From Dec 2018-Dec 2019, Hazel ran art tutoring classes for children (Pikinini Art). Her focus was on empowering children through authentic creative expression rather than the strict/refined technique - approach. After learning from her students, she decided to take a break and connect back with her own work/ improve and up-skill herself.

She sources her inspiration from nature- both the external & inner world(s). She has just started sharing her art to a public audience. She was recently invited to display one of her paintings in an exhibition at the Harbourside Precinct in Port Moresby (Nov 2020).

Jeffery Evennett (MrE)

Mre is a mature aged Milne Bay artist who started painting seriously at the age of 57.

He has children who have preceded him in the arts and it was through them that he began dabbling with brush and canvas in 2015.

His son was into printed TShirts and so he began by doing colour separations for fabric designs and gradually this became an art genre that is a bit unique in it's own way.

As a student at school, Mre like Technical Drawing and he likes line drawing, so it's not really surprising that his talent drew heavily on these "TekDrag" classes.

His art is similar to Stained Glass. He separates colours with "the absence of colour" to give each colour it's own vibrance.

This genre of art is more like Fabric Design and its illustrative and has an immediate appeal that attracts.

Mre uses these old laws to create something that " brings is some spare cash".

Mre does not consider himself an "artist" in the true sense of the word but rather a Technique Explorer.

When asked what the genre should be called, he says " Macro Pixel ".

This art was born for commercial purposes so he sees it as commercial art..

You be the judge.

Jeff Evennett (MrE)

Facebook: Jeff Evennett

Charlie Nebita (self portrait)

Facebook Page: Charlie Nebita

Charlie Nebita

Born in 1977, from Milne Bay, Wedau Village

Charlie completed visual art training and studies at the Faulty of Creative Arts (1997-2002), graduating in BA Art & Design.

Despite all the opportunities available for further career, he came home to Wedau (Dogura) to live with his lonesome father who strived to unite his scattered family and began working full time as a freelance artist and designer to make a living.

He participateed in numerous group art exhibitions and gatherings locally in Alotau and supporting various local communities and schools, his last exhibition out of Alotau was in March 2019 for the Next Of Kin 15th Anniversary body art show.

Charlie loves nature and the environment and tries to capture these moments in his works of art and anything of interest that captures his interest, being mindful of natures providence and inspiration.

He lives with his wife Ethel and 2 daughters, Biannca and Tiara at Bubuletta, Milne Bay Province.

Saimon (Slade) Vacilli

Born 1980, of Milne bay and Gulf Parentage, Saimon was born and raised in Alotau, hence most of his creativity reflects on his Milne Bay experiences, upbringing and traditional/cultural passion. He graduated from Cameron Secondary school in 1998 then spent four years in the highlands studying Education at UoG-Goroka. Saimon’s interest in visual arts developed due to his friendship with artist-Norman Evennett of Kalita Kreations while assisting in screen printing projects. Saimon also taught Art out of interest where there was no Art teacher available during his rural postings as a Science teacher. His confidence with painting came about in 2015 after being encouraged by friends to experiment with paint resources. Slade admits as an Amateur artist he has come a long way and understands that there is a still a lot more to explore and refine. He plans to upgrade his skills in Computer Graphics in the near future. Saimon likes to emphasize “identity" in his work, always depicting some sentimental connection to the subject in his painting’s background. He believes ‘culture and tradition’ play a major role in our lives and hopes his art will contribute towards reviving the fading pride, respect and appreciation of PNG Culture.

Saimon Vacilli (self-portrait)

FACEBOOK PAGE: Slade's Sketches

Jezreel Dicksson

Jezreel Dickson

I'm Jezreel Dickson, have been breathing for the last 40 years, but living for I think 1000 more.

My early life was spent growing up in a multi cultured town, Arawa North Solomons Province.

This was before the crisis, and Bougainville was Paradise, it still is.

My exposure to Art was a very natural subconscious gravitation as Art played a big part in the community,in my School Bovo International and in my Home.I do remember seeing seminal rock bands Aunge Punks and April Suns back then.

Fast forward and the relocation to my home province brought out a sense of cultural realisation and my connection to my tribal roots, I am really thankful, grateful and I do feel blessed .

I have been very fortunate to be able to do music,theatre,visual art and spoken word over a number of years now, having been a member of a revamped Sanguma, my own band Prymal Gruuv and a part of the Theatre, Musical, Body Art, and Fashion extravagance Fusion Milne Bay.

Art is an important and intergral part of my life,though its value,significance and meaning continue to evolve over time.

We live in a world and a society that is drawn or has been sucked into an Absence of Reality.Art is a powerful tool that can guide us out from this social distortion.

As I say “Sky ain't the limit, Heaven is”(jd)

Lesley Wengembo

“Painting each piece is like keeping a journal of my beautiful country”

Each of my paintings is a message for future generations to see and be proud of their identity and heritage.

24 year old Lesley Wengembo is from Madang and Southern Highlands, the second youngest among four brother siblings.

He started drawing at the early age of five and was influenced greatly by his father. Although his father was not an artist he inspired Lesley by introducing him to images that led to his love in arts.

Whilst attending craft markets with his mother in 2012,he was introduced to the Moresby National Art Theatre. At this venue, there were a lot of artists selling paintings and various craft works. It was there that he became aware of the late Martin MOROBUBUNA, a very well-known and respected Papuan Artist, and it was his work that inspired Lesley to paint.

It was at this point that Lesley began teaching himself to paint via YouTube. These short videos were also his initial introduction to the work of the great masters.

Lesley has achieved international acclaim for his works and exhibited at such prestigous exhibitions world wide such as the International Painting Symposium in Paris, and the Archibiald Prize.

Lesley Wengembo (Self Portrait)

Facebook Page: L-Wengembo Art

Helen Tau

Helen Tau

Helen is from the last Motuan village on the Magi Highway - Gabagaba, Central Province. She loves sunsets, the beach, the sea and flora.

Completing Year 12 at Port Moresby International School in 1998 she has worked in the IT industry for over 10 years.

Her love for art was always within until she met Tony Wesley Evennett in 2015 & the rest is history.

Art is therapeutic as a busy mother. Her favourite mediums are acrylic on canvas (impressionism and post impressionism) and coffee stained art.

Helen has used her passion to create awareness on environmental and conservation issues, social issues such as violence and mental health awareness. She has volunteered her art pieces for charity and to worthy causes in empowering young Papua New Guinean women.

She has a keen interest on textiles & has spent the last few months marketing her KIAH brand using traditional contemporary art designs on fabric and laplaps. Every piece is hand-painted and tells a story.

Art is life for her and family.

Zuriel Callister

22 year old Zuriel Callister is of a Fijian Indian, Manus and Misima Island mixed parentage.

Zuriel’s passion in drawing began soon as he could steadily hold a pen. He loved any form of art and put an effort to explore and learn about it whilst growing up.

He began to experiment with art from all aspects of music at the early age of twelve. In doing so, Zuriel discovered and invented his own style of artistic music, ‘Retro art’, is what he likes to call it.

Retro Art, is a form of art that is different, yet unique and random from the norm. Nonetheless, it has a deep meaning, a flow and tune not to miss.

Like music, Zuriel does his art based purely of what he sees, feels and had experienced. The depth of his art has an in-depth significance and meaning.

“Just as music has a tune, so as my art. I created a based-off music and created a way to tie the two together.”

Zuriel is an online DJ, where he makes music for a growing and popular group called ‘Nightcore’. Been a Nightcore DJ and graphic artist, he has grown from strength to strength.

His art style and technique are not something common in PNG, let alone what other artists do here. It is something different, just like himself and he looks forward to share his difference with others.

Zuriel Callister

Norman Evennett

FACEBOOK PAGE: Kalita Kreations

Norman Evennett

Born, May 29th 1979, Samarai Island, MBP, PNG.

To a Samarai/Filipino/English mixed Kavieng/German Halfcaste Father and Misiman Mother. Norman completed Grade 12 in 1997 at Cameron Secondary School in Alotau Town. He began his creative journey in 1998. Painting and Drawing, mainly expressive pieces, most times fusing in his passion for cultural PNG designs. He uses a variety of different mediums and techniques. Norman has provided a small screen printing, signage, tattoo and design service over the years, as a means of income. He operates "Kalita Kreations" from his home studio in Alotau Town, with his very creative Family. He also loves teaching and encouraging youth and other creative's to pursue their artistic dreams and push their limits.

"I love all types of creativity, it truly allows you to release your emotions. Art, Music and Performance are the purest forms of expressive communication. It's a universal language that everyone understands. I believe creativity can bring respect, understanding and unity to our beautiful world"

Norman has exhibited in a few group exhibitions, does live painting performances, fashion and bodyart shows, mainly in Alotau and Port Moresby. He loves all forms of art, and is a keen musician and performer as well.

Norman is plans workshops and shows, for the youth and unemployed. He has hopes it helps them all find financial opportunities, positivity and basically keeps them "off the streets". With plans to broaden his studio to cater for Music and Video production. He has a strong passion for cultural preservation and aims to also build a data base of, which he dreamt of building since he was a teenager.

He recently has being in Port Moresby stocking up on art supplies and finding a market place to supply, from his studio. He plans to build more community based studios and craft workshops in more rural and inner city areas, where he is currently trying to inspire. He has always enjoyed this growth on a community scale, more than on a personal level.

Taylor Nebita

Born 1987, I come from Milne bay province, Rabaraba district, Wedau village.

I'm a self-taught artist .. I stated painting in 2005 but wasn't serious untill I sold one of my work in 2008.Art became part of my life from than, as I see value and a way out for me.. Fortunately and humbly I'm so greatfull to have a big brother artist Charlie Nebita who was the biggest plus for inspiration.

I've attended three exhibition so far in the country (PNG) of which two in Alotau and one in Port Moresby..

I love trying out different ystyles and technic of art as I'm keen to learn, experience and understand ..I like using nature and culture as some of my subjects to paint about in a way to promote or to express....

Taylor Nebita

Facebook Page: Taylor Nebita

Gabriel Yohang

FACEBOOK PAGE: Gabriel Yohang Arts

Nanias Maira

Philip Wesley